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4 Common Signs You Need A Professional Rug Cleaning Service

Carpets and rugs enhance the decor and make your space comfier. During the winter seasons, rugs are the essential things that provide warmth to your home. But the worst is they retain airborne dust particles when the weather changes.

However, rugs are also prone to stains, patches, allergens, and other unsanitary things. Because of this, cleaning your home carpet or rugs regularly is a must.

Regular carpet cleaning is only possible with specific equipment and techniques. Getting a service from Castle & Co is an ideal decision, as professional rug cleaning will make your job easier.

But before you proceed to contact a professional cleaning service provider, look out for the following signs.

Stain Are The Most Visible Sign

Stains are the most visible sign, whether it’s an office rug or a home. Imagine your house looks attractive and furnished, and when you look at the floor carpet, there is something that looks weird and dirty. Kids in the home can be careless sometimes, spilling things like coffee, chocolate, soda, and tea. All these strains look messy over time as you try to clean them yourself.

We recommend you get a professional cleaning service if this is the case.

Discolouring Spots In The Middle Of The Rug

The marks in the middle of the rug look so weird when your guest walks on the mat. Your carpet or rug might look fine, but it’s not from the surface. Sometimes, it looks neat, but that doesn’t mean it never needs proper cleaning. The issue might lie underneath the rug as it is covered with discoloured patches, which are a common sign that shows you need a professional rug cleaning service.

Unpleasant Odour

Rugs in living spaces need extra care as it is used frequently. Carpet odours typically come from the meal and liquid material spilled on the mat or the mud/dirt from shoes.

If an unpleasant odour is left untreated, your carpet looks not great, and the odour the rug emits may not only be unsanitary, but it can also cause so much inconvenience to the people around. If your rug has a bad odour, call a professional cleaning service.


Sometimes, an unclean rug can cause an outbreak of allergies in your house. This is because dirty carpets can host house mites, insects, and other allergens. If these allergens thrive in your home, they can easily cause an outbreak of health issues. When this happens, contact a professional cleaning service.

Final Words

Ignoring the possible effects of a dirty carpet may cause you trouble. Check for common signs indicating that your carpet already needs professional assistance. We are among the finest carpet cleaners in Newcastle, NSW, and other areas if you are looking for the best cleaning service.

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