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5 Sofa Cleaning Services Offered By Professionals

Keeping your sofa and upholstery clean is necessary for healthier living. However, a quality sofa set gives the living room a captivating appearance and offers ultra-comfort to the user.

You and your family feel adored to have snacks and relish the TV series on the clean sofa couch. However, if you do not clean your sofa in time, this can bring health risks to the family as these food particles can be hazardous. The sofa becomes the nursery of bacteria and germs, affecting your family’s comfort, especially your kids and pets.

Sofas need regular professional cleaning services to improve their life and wish to keep their shine and fabric intact as they are newly bought.

Suppose your sofas are getting dull due to frequent usage and thinking of hiring a professional cleaning service. Well! In that case, Castle & Co is the best Upholstery cleaner in Newcastle and can be your best option. You can visit our website and get in touch with us to get your sofa professionally cleaned.

Let’s discuss the following professional cleaning methods used by cleaning professionals.

Steam Heat Extraction

The steam heat extraction method helps to eliminate dust and all other dirty particles from the sofa surface. High-temperature steam is utilized in this method to eliminate excess moisture along with dirt and dust. Steam heat extraction technology decreases fabric shrinkage and can clean the whole sofa within a few hours. This method is economical compared to other cleaning methods and provides the most relevant potential results.

Carbonation Cleaning

By mother nature, carbonating cleaning simulates natural cleaning and ensures that the sofa is converted to a new condition. The whole cleaning process takes only 4 to 6 hours. This cleaning process uses only a small volume of carbonating cleaning solutions with an effervescent effect, which is only a tenth of what steam cleaning involves. Even a smaller amount of water is used during the process.

Millions of tiny carbonating bubbles enter the fibres and eradicate dirt and grime. They then lift these to the surface where they have cleaned away and leave a defensive block on the surface, diminishing the future growth of grime and dirt.

Chemical Cleaning

Professional sofa cleaning in Newcastle also offers chemical cleaning on all fabrics, including leather. Clinically experimented, safe chemicals prevent allergy or uneasiness while using the sofa couch. A unique shampoo is utilized to efficiently eliminate dirt and embedded particles from the sofa within a short time frame. If you use chemical solutions for sofa cleaning, you can utilize them directly after cleaning.

Foam Cleaning

The hand is used to apply a foam solution on the sofa, and they are functioned onto stains and allowed to rest for a short period. Next, the area is vacuum cleaned, resulting in a spotless and fresh-smelling sofa. The likelihoods of moisture damage are lesser since the user can control the foam amount. This type of cleaning solution is a common and preferable consumer option.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning also doesn’t use water, similar to foam cleaning. Chemical cleaning powder is used by an expert sofa cleaning service that is spread all over the sofa stains and sofa. After a few times, they vacuum-clean the powder to have a clean and fresh new sofa.


A searcher can get many different cleaning methods to clean the sofa and upholstery. It all depends on your budget and necessity. Castle & Co is best known for sofa cleanings in Newcastle, available 24/7. If you wish for careful cleaning of your sofa, then select your desired method and call us to improve your sofa’s lifetime.

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