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Post Construction & Builders Cleaning

If you are looking for Post Construction & Renovation Cleaning  builders cleaners in Newcastle, then Castle Co has expert after renovation cleaners. Post construction cleaning requires specialised cleaners and we have the perfect cleaning solution for your project that has been recently completed. Contact us for professional post construction or renovation cleaning service today.

A professional cleaning team will ensure that you are not taking any risks with your newly renovated property. Entrust the task to experienced cleaners, and watch your home or office turn into a clean abode. They will clean every single surface in the house to make it sparkling neat. You can confidently present your property for lease and inspections without worrying about leaving a bad impression on the visitors.

The after builders cleaning services include removing protective coatings and stickers, as well as clearing all discarded materials within the premises. All floors and spaces are first dusted, vacuumed and later wiped to give a sparkling view of your space. We also offer hard floor stripping, high-level cleaning, industrial cleaning and other commercial cleaning services that you might need. All exterior and interior cleaning from top to bottom to make everything spotless. Our expert cleaners are equipped with industrial grade dry and wet vacuum cleaners, ladders, and other tools of the trade. They will take care of every cleanable surface in the home, including windows, flooring, wall covers, doors, and cubicles.

Detailed and Deep Renovation Cleaning

After builder cleaning is quite a detailed and deep cleaning task at hand.  With a newly built and renovated project our customers expect the best of us and professional renovation cleaning.  As long as you have the budget we are able to exceed your expectations and provide more than the value of money. Our after builder cleans is available on request.  We specialise in full and comprehensive builder cleans cleaning a property from top to bottom to a high specification.

Our deep construction cleaning services in Newcastle are easy to book and available as per your demand. Most of the time customers and clients are seeking for urgent cleaning services. We have an in-depth experience of cleaning in this area and our seamless booking service will help you with resolving your urgent cleaning demands for after builders cleaning.

We have a highly skilled team that has previously worked for building industries. They are trained professionals who make sure to apply all safety nets before getting on to work. Such highly trained professionals are awaiting a call from you to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Newcastle Commercial Property Greenery Care
Spotless Property After Renovation in Newcastle
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Newcastle Commercial Property Greenery Care
Spotless Post-Renovation Property in Newcastle

Why Hire An Expert Post Construction Cleaning Company?

Renovating a home or commercial space is a tedious task yet very exciting. But the work is not done  here, after all the builders and construction workers complete the project and wrap up, there is a whole lot of debris and dust to be cleaned. Not a job for any ordinary person, you will need a professional post construction cleaning company. You need someone like Castle Co who have years of experience and the best experts for construction & renovation cleaning in Newcastle. Hire our professionals and get your job done in a single day. Don’t believe us? You can check our reviews on Google.

If you’re awaiting a house inspection, you can hire our team to declutter your ceilings, floors, crawlspaces, etc. Delaying the process will only create more trouble. Don’t let dirt and debris accumulate in your surroundings. Whether you are planning to live on the property or you want to sell it to someone, it should be clean from construction-related contaminants. Make your home a safe abode for you and your children by eliminating all harmful factors from the surroundings.

How We Clean After Construction

Your office, building, or bungalow will look pristine and spotless once you obtain post-construction cleaning service in Newcastle from us. Carry out sales activities and inspections with ease and confidence. The new house occupants will find themselves satisfied with our detailed cleaning and sweeping. We pride ourselves on providing the most talked-about cleaning services in town.

  • Scraping of over sprays from windows and glass doors
  • Removal of dust from walls, ceiling, light fixtures and floors
  • Vacuuming the floors and sweeping window sills
  • Elimination of debris, drywall, wood and metals
  • Removal of nails, pallets, paper, cutouts, screws and useless boxes from the site of construction
  • Scrubbing of tiles, walls and sinks
  • Polish for stainless steel surfaces
  • Interior and exterior unit sweeping
  • Window glass and window sash washing
  • Cleaning stains and packaging cases left after an electrical or plumbing job
  • Carpet pads scraping and sweeping
  • Plastic removal from sinks, windows, showers, bathtubs, mirrors and toilets
  • Washing of fixtures used for plumbing
Newcastle Commercial Property Greenery Care
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Commercial Cleaning Products in Newcastle
Newcastle Commercial Property Greenery Care
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Our Process Of Post Construction Cleaning In Newcastle

  • You can always call, email, send a chat message through the contact form on our website or the chat feature. You may also connect with us through our Google Profile.
  • Once we receive your inquiry, our experts will call you the same day to understand the requirements of your premises’ post construction and builders cleaning.
  • In most cases when it comes to builders cleaning ,we will need to visit the site to give a quote.
  • We’ll send a quote to you via email detailing about the job that is to be done.
  • If you decide to book with us, we’ll check with you to see the best possible date and time, and how to gain access to the property to perform the clean.
  • After the cleaning is done , you will be requested to check the job our builders cleaners have done and if you are satisfied.
  • When hand-over is complete we request the client to leave us a review about their experience.

We are a professional post-renovation cleaning company in Newcastle. Give us a go-ahead, so we can take care of every little detail. With an experienced team of professionals, your post construction cleaning is sure to change the entire look of your new house. Call us today to book a cleaning appointment today!