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Best Residential & House Cleaning Company Newcastle

Welcome to Castle & Co, your trusted partner for top-quality residential and house cleaning services in Newcastle. We specialize in delivering the most flexible and customized domestic cleaning solutions tailored to your unique needs.


House Cleaning Experts At Your Fingertips

Coming home to a smelly and cluttered house is something nobody ever wants to experience. But when you have a big family, with kids lurking around and teens creating a mess, disarray is bound to happen.

If you are tired of constantly finding a dirty home, we have a solution for you! The home cleaners at Castle and Co are experts in dusting, wiping, disinfecting and deep cleaning. They are equipped with all the right tools to perform these tasks, so you don’t have to rub the floors or wipe the bathroom yourself.

We love to leave customers with a clean house, so all they have to do after getting home is relax and lay back. Once you hire our services, you will find yourself ultimately satisfied with the way every corner of your house sparkles. After reaching your residential site, our cleaners will make a checklist covering every part of the house that requires cleaning. The cleaning procedure starts with organizing the objects lying around, wiping every nook and corner, vacuuming the floors, and tidying the bathrooms. The smell of cleaning solutions at the end of the process will surely make you draw in a sigh of relief.

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Newcastle Commercial Property Greenery Care
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Delivering Quality Services For Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Regardless of the location or size of your residence, we are here to help. We offer residential cleaning services from NewCastle to Port Stephens and Singleton. Our team is dedicated to providing quality cleaning services throughout the country. We have employed cleaners that are not only trained, but also committed to their work. They have the potential to deliver the kind of spotless home you see in your dreams.

While maintaining a professional demeanour, our team will leave you with the most satisfactory results. You don’t have to worry about your upholstery getting damaged, or your carpet getting scraped rigorously because our cleaners know how to care for different house objects. They will use appropriate products that are safe to use on each product. From your carpet to floors and furniture, everything is safe in the hands of our professional cleaners.

Our main focus is to use eco-friendly products that are not too harsh nor too damaging. We prefer alternate techniques such as steam cleaning to get rid of dried scrapes and spills from surfaces. Your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living area will remain spotless with the best residential cleaning company in town!

Clean Surroundings Corresponds To Healthy Environment

A home that is clean does not only look welcoming, but is also essential for the health of its residents. Whether you live alone or with family, maintaining neat surroundings is imperative to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Keep yourself and your family safe by practising regular cleaning. Get help from our experts to attain the best results.

With years of experience and a devotion to providing quality customer service and cleaning within Australia, we have developed a trustworthy relationship with our customers. Your home will shine and your health will thrive when your surroundings are free from contaminants. Regular cleaning is a hindrance to bacterial growth and viral attacks. We will disinfect your home to eliminate all disease-causing elements to create a healthier environment.

Enjoy safe family time with your loved ones in a neat environment. Connect with a reliable house cleaning company to fulfil your cleaning requirements. Browse our categories and services to obtain optimal cleaning. In case of queries and concerns, our team is always here to assist. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can.

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Exemplary Cleaning That Covers Every Single Corner

Proper cleaning involves wiping every single object, furnishing and decoration piece present in the house. When we say we will clean your house, we mean everything within the house is taken care of. Your bathrooms will be rinsed, scrubbed and wiped – along with basin, mirror, sills and floors. Moving on to the kitchen, our cleaners will reach every nook of the area to ensure no dust or dirt residue remains. From light switches to tiles, fittings and stove tops, everything will be taken care of. Sink scrubbing, door frame wiping and refrigerator cleaning are some of the tasks they will fulfil within the kitchen.

Every fingerprint lying within the furniture of your room and TV lounge shall be eliminated. Wall cleaning is also one of the major parts of our cleaning process. Our house cleaning experts try to wipe away grime and dust from every part of the house without excessively wetting anything. Your rooms, living room and guest areas will look neat and tidy after a single session with our cleaning team.

For finishing touches – such as straightening out books and re-aligning the furniture – the staff might seek your assistance – for it is your house they are working on.

We take pride in our services and our highly professional team of experts. Choose us, and you will not be disappointed.

Our number and email address are given on our website, and you can easily contact us using any of them. Moreover, if you want an estimate of how much the carpet and rug cleaning service will cost, you can write your details and required services in the boxes we have given. We will go through them and quote you a price, after which we can move forward with the actual process.


Bringing Quality Cleaning Services To Your Doorstep

Our team has an eye for spills, stains, cobwebs and dirt hiding within narrow spaces. Once all of these factors are taken care of, they will make sure that every part of the home looks orderly by organizing each object present in the house.

Relax in your home or host parties without worrying about the cleaning tasks. All you have to do to fix a disorganized and cluttered home is pick up your phone and dial our number. Within the same day, a professional team of house cleaners will show up at your home, cleaning every nook with utmost precision.

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