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How to Clean Your Floors Depending on the Type of Flooring You Have

Many people have more than one type of flooring in their homes, each with different cleaning requirements. You may find yourself moving from room to room and wondering what the best way to clean hardwood floors is or what you need to clean your laminate flooring. The key to maintaining your floors is understanding the most efficient way to clean each type of flooring you have.

If you’re looking to hire a professional cleaning service, look no further than Castle & Co. We offer the best cleaning services for houses, schools, and office buildings.

Consider the types of Flooring

The kind of floor you have will determine the rules you must follow for washing or cleaning. Every type of flooring has different maintenance needs. So first, look at your floors and find out what the material is—are they tile or vinyl? Wood or ceramic? Then we will pick a cleaning method that suits your requirements.

Best Way to Clean Carpeting

The carpeting is vacuumed frequently. You might need it twice a week in an office setting because it doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic. In more prominent industries like hotels and hospitals that see more people, carpets are vacuumed regularly. Regular vacuuming removes particles and dust that may harm the fibres in your rug. Hand scrubbing with water and a light detergent can help remove spots, but a powered carpet cleaner is necessary for complete cleaning, for this, you can get assistance from the available professional cleaners in Newcastle, NSW.

Best Way to Clean Hardwood

Deep cleaning your hardwood floors is essential to maintain their lustre and durability, but be careful – too much liquid cleaner or water can cause permanent damage. Wood is porous, so it will absorb any excess liquid applied to it. The best way to clean wood floors on a daily basis is by sweeping them lightly with a floor cleanser designed specifically for hardwood. You might also want to consider other deep cleaning options available depending on the type of wood and finish you have in your home.

Best Way to Wash Laminate and Vinyl

Limiting the water level and liquid cleanser on your vinyl and laminate flooring is crucial, much like hardwood floors. Your vinyl floor may peel if there is too much water or even just a little, which gets into the seams and starts to loosen the adhesive. It is advised that spills on these floors be cleaned up immediately because laminates will expand if they absorb too much water. Routine sweeping and light mopping is the most accessible approach to maintaining this floor.

Best Way to Clean Concrete

Sealing your concrete floor will help in keeping it from absorbing staining elements (like ingrained dirt particles or spilled liquids). It will also make it simple to wash down the line. Whether washing with a manual brush, such as a broom, or with a cleaning machine, it is vital to use stiff brushes to get the grit up.

Washing for your particular floor will generally boil down to what type of brush or tool to pick and what kind of chemical. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications when buying cleaning requirements and supplies to guarantee that you are taking the correct tool for your type of flooring.


Different flooring materials require unique cleaning methods, so it’s beneficial to understand how to clean them before you start scrubbing. Carpets and rugs, for example, need special care – that’s why we offer rug cleaning in Maitland! We can help with all of your floor cleaning needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like more information about our services; we’re always happy to help keep your floors looking their best!

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