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Top 10 Essential Maintenance Tasks for Commercial Buildings

Everything nowadays needs maintenance in order to keep them going smoothly and working efficiently. They have to be in their running condition, so you won’t face any problems in the future. If we look around at our buildings, be they residential or commercial, we want daily maintenance to keep them in pristine condition. There are many tasks in your building maintenance checklist that you need to complete to ensure that you won’t be facing any costly repairs in the future.

If you are a tenant or a commercial building owner and thought about how to maintain a commercial complex, then keep going with this blog. You will learn about the top essential maintenance tasks you can pull off in your commercial building.

Swapping HVAC Filters

Changing and swapping older filters for newer ones is simple, but important for your building’s maintenance. Cleaning the air filters allows your heating systems to run smoothly and efficiently. This aids in avoiding out-of-control bills during the different seasons.

Moreover, you should go for an annual checkup by getting in touch with HVAC professionals before you are going to use the heating system for the first time. Maintenance that is done by routine will help your HVAC system last longer, and you won’t face any problems during low-temperature seasons. It has to be in your building maintenance checklist because it will help you with saving costs.

Replace Old Or Damaged Windows

Old, damaged, or weary windows don’t let the heat get inside during the winter season. The reason is that the older windows weren’t designed in a way to be as energy-efficient as the modern-day ones, and they have become less efficient over time because of the cracks and warps, and start to wear out.

By replacing the windows before the cool season hits, you will see a big difference in your energy bills. 

Draining Exterior Water Sources

If you have exterior taps, irrigation systems, or sprinklers, then ensure there isn’t any water sitting in their hoses whenever the winter season hits. The water gets frozen inside the irrigation system components, and it can break or damage the hose. If you do something that requires outside water all through the year, then make sure that you have installed the insulated covers and that everyone who is utilizing the water knows how to remove and swap the cover.

Get The Roof Inspected

Get your roof inspected and get it checked if it needs service or not. Most roofs need minor repairs like fixing a leak or resealing roof fixtures. If the roof is older or went through damage, then you need to replace it. A sturdier roof is what you need for your building, so whenever the cold, wet, or windy winter months hit, then there will be no problem with it.

Cleaning The Gutters

Gutters, downspouts, and roof trim have to be cleaned to make sure that the water gets drained away quickly. If you start to neglect this maintenance task, then you might end up with major leaks and roof damage, which will cost you a lot. The best time we will recommend you to get your gutters cleaned is in the late autumn. Most of the time, these leaves get stuck in downspouts, roofs, and gutters. Always keep it in your mind to get the gutters cleaned.

Getting the gutters cleaned is the best thing that you will ever do for your commercial building, for that you can get in touch with the best commercial cleaners in Newcastle.

Swapping Old Doors

Since we are considering replacing and swapping old stuff for newer ones, how can we forget the old doors? The old doors must be replaced as they are important for insulating your property. You might lose more energy than necessary if the old doors are poorly sealed or damaged.

Always keep a check on the doors of your property and consider replacing them if they seem very old, damaged, and worn out. New doors look more welcoming and impressive to the new visitors.

Deep Cleaning Of The Interior

Winter season is also known as the cold season for a reason. This is the time of the year when you catch a cold very often because the lower temperatures are like that. However, bacteria and germs can get out of control during this season if you don’t keep a check on the daily cleaning of the building and other stuff.

To keep the living and working space clean, you have to deep clean the doorknobs, kitchens, bathrooms, and desks. These places are the breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. This type of maintenance of commercial property has to be done every now and then to keep them safe and clean for everyone.

Keeping A Check On Emergency Appliances

A commercial building is jacked up with emergency appliances, which include emergency backup generators and smoke detectors. Keeping a check on these emergency appliances is what you need to do during the change of seasons. You can get them to check during the fall since it’s an ideal time.

Getting The Best Entrance Mats

Sturdy entrance mats keep the dirt out and reduce the risk of people slipping. The best entrance mats store dirt and water, which can be removed in the future by cleaning them. Most of the dirt inside your building through visitors’ feet and mats is the right way to reduce your cleaning costs and keep the dirt out of the building.

Reducing Temperature Set Points

Lowering the degrees of your thermostat for 8 to 9 hours can help you save some energy costs you get every month. Consider lowering the points by one or two degrees during the winter and save a tremendous cost.

Final Thoughts

Maintenance has to be done at any cost. It can be anything, and it needs maintenance for sure. Regular maintenance will keep everything going smoothly and working efficiently. Make a list and keep a check on it. Get your residential and commercial property maintenance done by the best and most skilled professionals at Castle & Co.

Essential Maintenance Tasks for commercial Buildings -castle&co

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